May 2017

Colors That Go Beyond Stereotypical White Dress For Weddings

White is the common color that is associated with many weddings. But with the changing styles and trends, people have become more than open-minded trying out others colors as well. This has led to a range of colors being introduced and adorned on many dresses. Here are some such colors that have become widely popular in the current years;

A touch of gold

Many bridal gowns are usually in white, but this type is more or less of a combined shade of gold or champagne moving towards a lighter white. This type of color choice also adds in an extra touch of elegance and glamour to the entire look. You could combine with bold gold tint flowers and accessories to make an even better statement.

Something blue

Have you heard of the tradition of including something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue as part of the wedding? Perhaps using this as base, many designers have now started designing wedding gowns that vary on the different hues of blue, from baby blue to navy blue. This type of classy dress is combined usually with a lighter colored bouquet that also has a touch of blue in it. And equally beautiful bridesmaids’ gowns too have been designed to go with the blue theme.


You never thought you’d see a bride wearing black did you? Well not anymore. Currently wearing black gowns too have become a trend among many brides in the 21st century! With its strong color and elegance, it is no wonder it could also be a considered color to adorn these gowns. And this definitely is a classic exam of going against stereotypes where it is usually only the groom that wears black!

Ombre hues

This is another amazing coloring that is used to design many dresses. Here based on a chosen color its varying hues are used, starting from the darkest shade at the bottom to the lightest almost white shade at the top. Generally it is colors like pink, blue and may be even black that is used as bases for these gowns. But if you are tailoring your own, you could suggest whichever shade you’d like.


If you want to go bright and bold this is the perfect color to go for. It is also a color that is associated with luck according to many Chinese beliefs and faith, this makes it an even perfect shade to go for.

Choose a color of your own and try something new without sticking to the stereotype!