A Guide To Essential Tools

If you want to be a savvy engineer or just want to do some chores around the house, then we have got the right tools for you. Wolfchester Australia provides the all in one bahco toolkit with all the doo-dads that will enable you to pass yourself off as a certified handyman. This handy kit comes with a variety of spanners with U shaped handle, an easy release ratchet with 60 teeth, 12 pieces of 14” drive sockets, 10 pieces of 14” drive deep sockets, a reversible ratchet, spinner handle, sliding T-bar, 2 extension bars, a universal joint, bit holder, flexible extension bar, various spark plug sockets, a drive bits adapter, and some crow foot wrenches. This all comes encased in a sturdy alloy steel case, built to accompany you to your endeavours.

 Whether it’s the construction man in you or Santa’s little helper, you will have to look no further than Wolfchester’s bahco toolkit, now also offering a set of nuts and bolts to go with it. From Metric Flange Serrated Nuts to Metric Zinc Plated Hex Nuts, we provide you with the best array of nuts and bolts Melbourne you could hope for. You also have the option of choosing the right size and type and decide on any number of nuts and bolts that your heart desires. 

Our facilities of free delivery, same day dispatch and gift certificates are just a few reasons for choosing Wolfchester for all your handy man needs. If you don’t know what tools you might require, you can get the services of our trained team at your disposal.

Wolfchester is the best place in Australia to get your hardware from. Other than the amazing products mentioned above, we also offer sump plug washers, which will enable you to change your car’s engine oil frequently, by yourself, like a pro. Say bye bye to filth, dirt and grease on your brake pads with our very own brake parts cleaner. Made with some special formula, it will surely provide longer lasting endurance to your brakes.

Or, indulge in some old fashioned disc brake cleaner, which can come in handy if you love the outdoors and yearn for a bike ride. It is a must have before you even leave the house, since it is not just for keeping the disc brakes well oiled, it can also be used to clean all the mud your bike accumulated the last time you took it for a joy ride. 

Take charge today and visit our website at wolfchester.com.au for more details. You can also order online and have a look at various online payment options we have made just for you.