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Long lashes will cast a beautiful look on a woman’s face and she will more attractive than before. But, only a few women are lucky to have naturally long lashes. A clever trick – You can purchase lash extensions and apply it on your original lashes. It will give you a stylish and attractive look.You can ask a professional to do this task or you can learn the trick of wearing it from eyelash extensions classes. You should curl the fake lashes, then trim it, so that it look natural always. 

Things to be known – You can use eyeliner to make your eyelashes look longer. You must use eyeliner, whose colour is darker as compared to the colour of your eyelash. Your lashes will look long and it will seem as if more hairs are there at the root of the lashes. You can purchase waterproof eyeliner at your eye’s waterline. This will add more length to your lashes. You can select a small sized push liner brush. You can use this kind of brush to put black eyeliner in your lashes’ root of upper lid. It will make your eye’s lash line very dark. Think about ‘tight-lining’. An experienced professional will be required to do tight-lining. In this technique, the pro will use eyeliner betwixt every single hair just as the base, so that a perfect line can be created on your eyelid’s edge. 

Think, know and apply properly – You can also use mascara to make your lashes long. Additionally, your mascara will make your lashes’ look thick. You can put a bit of mascara on your eye shadow brush. After that, you can brush it on your lashes’ roots. It will make your lashes’ look thicker and even your lashes will look full. You can put some amount of compressed powder on your eyelid’s mascara silk eyelash extensions It will cast a fuller look on your eyes. 

Easy way – Don’t keep your lashes in a flat way as it will look short. It happens as their angles are not right. A woman can curl her lashes. Even many celebrities, actresses, stars, dancers, singers, models, well-known personalities, teachers and so on curl their lashes before they go somewhere. You can purchase an eyelash curler, which will assist you to curl your lashes. It is a very easy method. You must try it to look more attractive. However, you have to apply gentle force on the curler to curl your lashes. Too much lashes can hurt your eyes very much. So, just be careful. Hold the eyelash curler for at least 10 seconds or more. But, don’t make your lashes too curly as it will look inappropriate.