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Beat That Traffic And Save The Earth!

Did you know that close to seventy five percent of air pollution in urban areas is due to fuel combustion of motor vehicles? Large and small cities alike with a high amount of person-to-vehicle ratio have this issue of air pollution as well as health problems associated with it not to mention sound pollution due to honking etc. It is not surprising to learn that studies have shown situations such as obesity, diabetes and even premature deaths are related to sedentary lifestyles due to excessive vehicle usage.

Walk, take the bus or pedal!

Changing your daily commute – to school, work or just to go the shops -from the fossil fuel vehicle to a more sustainable mode such as public transport, cycling or even walking, can make a progress in your health status. Simply stop to think when you take a car with just you, or perhaps two or three members of your family, to go to the same place as a bus or train does, with fifty to hundreds of people what amount of pollution you are contributing to. A research done in the USA has found out that if Atlanta used the equal level of usage of these sustainable modes of transport as Boston, obesity risk of its people could have been reduced by 17%. All these shows that looking for electric bikes for sale Melbourne can aid you in not only lowering the costs of transportation but also seeking medical help with certain diseases as well.

Build a community

One may ask, what is the use of just me converting to cycle or walking to work when a thousand others still drive to work or school and the environment is no better than it was? The best thing is to get like-minded people together and form a community. Anything becomes an interesting topic when it is converted in to a fashion. Hence you can start a social media group, first get your friends and family involved, then get their friends involved and so on. Like most other support groups this also is a networking effort. Later when there is a considerable number, you can have public sessions on how useful using these sustainable methods of transportation can get. You can also organize small events and reward people who actually contribute by converting more and more people to this good cause of yours.

Be an opinion leader in your neighbourhood

Apart from starting and growing an online community, you can also get your neighbours worked up for this. Even the employees in your working place can work with your neighbours through you, to advocate and build an improved transport infrastructure to ask for more, or start, bike lanes or enhanced bus routes in to rural areas. You don’t have to become a politician or administrator to initiate this kind of change. You can also talk to manufacturers and sellers of ebikes on giving discounts or facilitating bank loans etc. for purchases. Your city is a right as well as a responsibility of yours. So try to protect it with all your might.