What You Need To Know When Planning An Outdoor Music Festival

Outdoor music festivals are all the rage today. Starting from Coachella to some of the concerts hosted by singers in outdoor venues they are becoming more and more popular for different reasons. One of the best things though about outdoor music festivals is that unlike the indoors, there is no strict crowd limitation. So it can house as many people as possible. But planning such events is a whole different story and here are some things you need to know when doing so.


No matter what sort of festival you would be hosting, equipment is a necessity. However, when it comes to outdoor festivals you need to be extra concerned of the equipment required. Unlike an indoor concert that may already be fixed with lighting, sound and whatnot, in an outdoor event these need to be separately installed just like with crowd control barriers Sydney. So make sure that you hire specialized production firms who are well aware of what should be done and what is needed for outdoor music festivals to create a memorable and successful event!

Set the time right

Organizing an outdoor concert is a lot of work as it is much different from an indoor one. Therefore, when deciding on hosting one you need to make sure that you give yourself enough time to prep for it. Starting from selecting the bands you want performing, the equipment needed, marketing and selling tickets and even ordering shade cloth should all be done in advance to prevent mishaps from taking place in the last moment. Therefore, if you have scheduled the event to take place in November start planning and organizing things from January itself!

Organize the space

Especially with outdoor festivals there are so many extra things you should be focusing on when organizing and planning the space. While there might not necessarily be a limit to the number of people you can accommodate that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be planning out the space. The stage and space for it, food trucks, equipment storage and even portable toilets should all be considered in this process.

Budget artist costs

You obviously need to pay those that would be performing at the festival. So when you are planning to host such a festival you need to budget out this cost as well in addition to the cost of organizing the festival and other details. If you want people to be coming to the festival you should be selecting the right artists to perform and if you want them to come you should be paying fairly. So taking all these in to account and budgeting things out should never be skipped out on! Take the above in to account and plan one memorable and successful event for all festival goers!